Stephen Gray


Surf Pacific Pty Ltd

Current Location : Australia
Total Experience in hiring: 15 Years
Surf Pacific Pty Ltd
Steve Gray served 6 years in The Queen's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, touring Germany, Kenya, the Sudan and Northern Ireland where he worked in covert intelligence in South Armagh's Bandit Country.
In January 1990, Steve Gray entered the world of direct sales (Commission Only Selling) where he doubled his police income during his first year, earning 111,000 Pounds Sterling. Founded & Incorporated Surf Pacific Pty Ltd in 1997.
Steve subsequently joined the police service in London where 8 out of 12 years was spent working as a homicide detective on London's 4 Area Major Investigation Team. He took early retirement in January 1990 as a result of a serious leg injury.